About us

About us

The company Isotech Part, has started to operate as consultant, manufacture, supply and operation services in field of tunneling, mining and chemical industries since 2011, with legal name of Static Consolidation Part. The company since the establishment, has put its head on Developing domestic production based on knowledge-based designs by employing talented Iranian engineers and consultants And is proud to provide optimum production and quality interior part of country to meet industry needs.


The Isotech Part Research and Industrial Laboratory has been able to capture the satisfaction of its customers by using Manpower trained and accurate machines, as well as its in-house goals.
Establishment of the requirements of the ISO/IEC17025:2017 Laboratory System (Collaborator), which has been obtained from the National Center for Qualifications of Iran, Working with the National Standards Organization, working in the building chemistry association, and working with industrial companies and research organizations in the area of solving technical problems, is a part of the ability of this laboratory to meet the needs and demands of the customer. The laboratory is proud to announce its readiness to cooperate with universities, research institutes and related industries in the area of providing laboratory services.


• With the efforts of experts of this complex in August 2015, he has obtained the following international certificates from TuvNord Company under the reputation of DAkkS Germany and these certificates were updated in August 2018 and extended for 3 years.
1. ISO 9001:2015
2. ISO 14001:2015
3. ISO 45001:2017

• This complex has once again succeeded in obtaining a national standard for the production of powder and paste tile adhesives with the license number 6649580948. This standard was extended for three years in October 2018.

• Isotech Part Company is a member of the Association of Chemical Manufacturers of Iran, Iran Concrete Association, as well as the Association of Standard Holders.